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Napisz: lp.ainezceipzebuizi%40oruibZadzwoń: 500-100-519

About Need People


We satisfy the staff defficiency 

Since 1999, we have focused our efforts on building relationships within businesses of any size in the San Francisco Bay Area. We recruit personnel for different industries, but show the best results in IT, engineering and finance. Also, we are good at executives headhunting. We thoroughly examine every vacancy and spend a lot of time on screening and interview process to provide both applicants and employers with the best possible results of hire. 

Our Goals

To find the best offers for both the employer and the applicant so that everyone gets in the right place.

To minimize the percentage of refusals and erroneous hiring by multi-stage evaluation of the candidates. 

To help businesses grow and scale with new staff, to help candidates realize their hidden potential and build a dream career.

Our Philosophy

We understand that the process of finding a job or a new employee can be very difficult both morally and in terms of time spent. The cost of an error in this area is the wasted weeks (or even months) of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars for an employer.
We believe that for each employee there is an ideal workplace, and for each company there is an employee with extensive experience and respect for the values ​​of the company. Our recruitment process takes a lot of time, but we are proud of our results and well-established partnership with employers throughout San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes Need People different?

    We work only in several markets: IT, engineering and finance. Thus, we have a great expertise in these areas and give qualitative results.
    We are professionally engaged in headhunting executives. Our employees are able to correctly and delicately negotiate and bring your company the best specialists.
    Thanks to a thorough recruiting process, we are confident in our candidates and client companies. More than 90% of the personnel we had selected have been working in their positions for 2+ years.

Mindful Recruiters Working for You


Alice Jameson

10 years of experience

George Stannis

3 years of experience

Tom Willington

5 years of experience

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